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Terpene Education by Beta Caryophyllene from Deep Roots

By Vegas Cannabis Mag 5 days ago

Beta Caryophyllene, also known as BCP is a terpene that some categorize as a cannabinoid due to it’s targeting of the endocannabinoid systems CB2 receptors, while ignoring the CB1 receptor, which is typically associated with the euphoric high of THC.

Nate Diaz Vapes Marijuana at UFC 202 Press Conference

By Brian Wroblewski 6 days ago

Nate Diaz, although the loser of the fight, wins the press conference as he whips out his marijuana concentrate portable vaporizer. He later told reporters, "It's CBD." It helps with healing process and inflammation and stuff like that. You want to get this for before or after the fight, in training, to make your life a better place."

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