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How Cheap Will Vegas Recreational Cannabis Get?

By 1 week ago

Vegas recreational cannabis could be super cheap! Something pretty cool happened Washington went recreational and the same can happen for Vegas recreational cannabis. Check this out: source: The Washington Post Those falling lines represent the price of cannabis in the two years following the rollout of recreational sales in Washington. What was once selling for about $22 […]

Event Spotlight: Puff Pass & Paint

By 2 months ago

One thing I have noticed about cannabis enthusiasts, or stoners if you will, is that they are typically non-judgmental. This was extremely apparent last month when I attended classes at Puff Pass & Paint. Led by Heidi Keyes, Michael Eymer and their crew, Puff Pass & Paint is perfect for both cannabis consumers and non-consumers.

The Ruckus Rant: Know Your Cannabis

By 2 months ago

"Hey man, you got the coolest job! I want to get into the industry." This is what I hear on nearly a daily basis. The thing is, yes it's the best job I've ever had in my life. But it takes a lot of work to be able to do any job in this industry. I mean, from growers and concentrate makers to budtenders and edible cooks, this shouldn't be something you just jump into. People's lives are at stake.

Tokin’ With the Infamous: Pato Banton

By 2 months ago

Between 4/20 and Earth Day, it was a beautiful, busy spring weekend. That’s why it was so dope that reggae superstar Pato Banton took time between gigs to perform at a small celebration to mark four years of one of his fans being seizure free thanks to cannabis. After an intimate set and spending time with friends and family, Pato and I stepped away for a quick conversation that I am stoked to share with Vegas Cannabis readers. Just so you all know, Pato really is the kind soul you hear about.

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