Miss Perry and Her Purple Leaf

By 2 weeks ago

Shanna Perry grew up, like most of us, entrenched in the underground cannabis scene.  As a young adult, purchasing cannabis illegally was the only way to obtain it. And Perry, like most, was no stranger to the culture and lingo required to buy and sell. Fast forward two decades and Perry, with over ten years […]

Daily Dose: A Day in the Life of Cannasexual Founder, Ashley Manta

By 2 weeks ago

California Sex Educator, Ashley Manta, began her career as a rape crisis counselor, victim advocate, and violence prevention educator just after graduating college in 2008. After years of listening to and absorbing trauma from victims, by 2011, she felt burned out with direct service and sought to find the joy of her own sexuality. “After […]

Shanell aka SNL

By 2 weeks ago

I waited in anticipation for my interview with Shanell. I couldn’t wait to get in touch with her. I had so many questions like, what was going on with Young Money? Did she love weed as much as I do? I couldn’t wait to get started, but when we finally connected, it felt more like […]

From Ring to Relief – Sitting Down with Mike Tyson

By 3 months ago

Mike Tyson has a wealth of accomplishments under his belt.  From boxing and fitness to an array of multimedia companies, the former undisputed heavyweight champion is currently trying something a bit different – he is entering the cannabis market. Launching in Nevada next month with other legal states coming online soon, consumers can expect to […]