Daily Dose – A day in the Life of Jim McAlpine, Founder of the 420 Games

By 1 week ago

Article By: Sharon Letts California cannabis patient and Northern California native, Jim McAlpine, founded the 420 Games– a health-minded event showcasing cannabis in a new light for endurance and pain management, shoving the stigma of the non-productive stoner off the proverbial couch for good. He’s also founder of the mainstream San Francisco Ski & Snowboard […]

Cannabinoid Culture: Cannabigerol (CBG)

By 3 weeks ago

By now, the word “cannabinoid”, especially variations of cannabinoids such as “Cannabidiol” (also known as CBD) and “Tetrahydrocannabinol” (THC) are terms that many are familiar with.  If you’ve experimented with THC or CBD, you may also be curious to learn more about the benefits of cannabinoids. Simply put, cannabinoids are any of the various organic […]

Looking Toward the Future with MJ Holdings Inc.

By 2 months ago

When completing their reverse merger last December, Paris Balaouras and his team knew that they had a lot of hard work and challenges ahead of them. According to Balaouras, “Our initial annual audit proved to be one of those challenges. As a U.S. public company in the cannabis industry, our audit firm conducted a thorough […]

Reef Madness: How Reef Dispensaries Became the Market Leader in Nevada

By 4 months ago

There’s a moment in a recent episode of Leafly’s The Roll-Up podcast where the hosts describe their experiences exploring many of the different pot shops while vacationing in Las Vegas. “We pulled up to Reef, which is far and away the busiest dispensary in Las Vegas,” says host Bruce Barcott. “It was a zoo… It […]