Licensing Transparency: Competition is What’s Needed in Nevada

By 7 days ago

It’s estimated that Nevada’s legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use is currently generating approximately $500 million a year in revenue, which is good news for educational facilities statewide earmarked to benefit from sales and licensing fees. Nevada’s entrepreneurial spirit towards both legalizing cannabis use and licensing vendors is what makes it stand […]

Dear Mary Jane

By 4 months ago

Dear Mary Jane, Every time I turn on the TV or check my email lately, I am assaulted by all of the dating apps and websites available to unique groups of singles out there. I yearn for the day when the stigma of marijuana use is gone and we can have a dating site specifically […]

Dear Mary Jane

By 5 months ago

Dear MaryJane: I am TOTALLY CONFUSED about the products found at my local dispensary! First, what is the difference between indica, sativa and hybrid types of marijuana?  Why does everybody make such a big deal about this?  Do you have a favorite strain that you use? MJ, you are my last hope; please don’t make […]

Miss Understood

By 1 year ago

Waking and baking has always been a favorite of mine.  As the New Year approached I wanted to take a new approach to each day instead of the year as a whole.  So naturally that starts with my morning; a ritual of exhaling a bowl of bud before I inhale breakfast. More specifically, I have […]