Krista Whitley: Queen of Collaboration

By 2 weeks ago

Krista Whitley likes solving problems. More than 44 million tourists are set to pass through Las Vegas in the next year, and there’s no real plan to cater to all their cannabis retail needs. That’s a problem she knew needed a quick solution. Her latest venture in Las Vegas’ booming legal cannabis market is called […]

The Official Decision on Cannabis in Mixed Martial Arts

By 2 weeks ago

Near the end of 2016 we learned Las Vegas would be home to the Vegas Golden Knights professional hockey team. This year, it was confirmed that the NFL team commonly known as the Raiders, is relocating to Las Vegas. As the jewel of the Silver State, Las Vegas is also known as the fight capital […]

How Cheap Will Vegas Recreational Cannabis Get?

By 1 month ago

Vegas recreational cannabis could be super cheap! Something pretty cool happened Washington went recreational and the same can happen for Vegas recreational cannabis. Check this out: source: The Washington Post Those falling lines represent the price of cannabis in the two years following the rollout of recreational sales in Washington. What was once selling for about $22 […]

Is a Cannabis Shortage Coming to Nevada

By 1 month ago

I don’t want to cause any panic, but let’s look at some numbers. Nevada has approximately 2.9 million residents. Of those residents, 27,953 hold medical marijuana identification cards. That’s almost ten people-per-thousand who have medical access to cannabis. To be honest, I thought this number would be larger. In November 2016, 1.1 million Nevadans turned […]

The Ruckus Rant: Know Your Cannabis

By 3 months ago

"Hey man, you got the coolest job! I want to get into the industry." This is what I hear on nearly a daily basis. The thing is, yes it's the best job I've ever had in my life. But it takes a lot of work to be able to do any job in this industry. I mean, from growers and concentrate makers to budtenders and edible cooks, this shouldn't be something you just jump into. People's lives are at stake.