Nature’s Chemistry: Growing for a Better Life

By 7 days ago

Over the past couple of years the cannabis industry has taken Nevada by storm. Throughout this time, there have been many changes in ownerships, mergers and acquisitions. One constant in the industry has been Nature’s Chemistry. Through hard work, diligence and attention to detail, this company has established themselves as one of the top cultivators […]

From Ring to Relief – Sitting Down with Mike Tyson

By 4 months ago

Mike Tyson has a wealth of accomplishments under his belt.  From boxing and fitness to an array of multimedia companies, the former undisputed heavyweight champion is currently trying something a bit different – he is entering the cannabis market. Launching in Nevada next month with other legal states coming online soon, consumers can expect to […]

What is CBN? This Overlooked Cannabinoid Has Helpful Benefits, Too

By 5 months ago

Those who are savvy about their cannabis know that CBN is a chemical compound often found in old and aging flowers. Yet, there’s no need to be ageist when it comes to the cannabis plant. As it so happens, many of the natural chemical changes that happen to the plant as it ages may prove […]

Looking Toward the Future with MJ Holdings Inc.

By 5 months ago

When completing their reverse merger last December, Paris Balaouras and his team knew that they had a lot of hard work and challenges ahead of them. According to Balaouras, “Our initial annual audit proved to be one of those challenges. As a U.S. public company in the cannabis industry, our audit firm conducted a thorough […]