CBD Gummiez by CannaVative

By 2 years ago

Here's the third variety of Gummiez introduced by Cannavative, CBD. These chewy little gumdrops are good for patients who would like to moderate edible dosing.

Cheeba Chews by Deep Roots Harvest

By 3 years ago

If it looks like a tootsie roll, and tastes like a tootsie roll, but gets you faded, it must be a Cheeba Chew. The more you chew, the more the taste of cannabis emerges from the chocolaty goodness.

The Cannavative Group Indica and Sativa Gummiez

By 3 years ago

THE CANNAVATIVE GROUP Indica and Sativa Gummiez have 10mg of THC each and  just one gummy works great for those with a lower tolerance.  Choose the Sativa Gummiez if you need a little boost and the Indica Gummiez for relaxation; both work equally as great for pain.  These taste great and are perfect for medical […]