Jilly Flower from The Apothecary Shoppe

By 2 years ago

I have a moderately high tolerance and usually prefer an indica dominant hybrid.  Jilly is predominantly sativa, but I would’ve never known the difference. It smelled tangy, and reminded me of Sour Diesel, skunky but very fruity at the same time.  The effects were uplifting and energetic, definitely a day time strain.  I was still […]

Grape Ape Flower by Kabunky

By 3 years ago

Now, smoke it up, and taste that dank grape flavor that you expect when you see an herb this purple. Your eyes will get heavy, and you will dream well, if you smoke this just before bed.

Grape Stomper Flower by Kabunky

By 3 years ago

This is a perfect flower for patients that need rest and a little help hibernating. Grape Stomper will also keep you smiling, and for some reason, everything is noticeably brighter.