The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles (#5)

By 1 year ago

Happy New Year! And with the numbers showing that marijuana sales in Nevada crept up on $38 Million in the month of October alone, I have no doubt that those in the marijuana industry here in Nevada are indeed having a very happy New Year. Keeping in line with the New Year’s tradition of people […]

The Official Decision on Cannabis in Mixed Martial Arts

By 2 years ago

Near the end of 2016 we learned Las Vegas would be home to the Vegas Golden Knights professional hockey team. This year, it was confirmed that the NFL team commonly known as the Raiders, is relocating to Las Vegas. As the jewel of the Silver State, Las Vegas is also known as the fight capital […]

List of Las Vegas’ Dispensaries Selling Recreational Cannabis

By 2 years ago

We’ve got the list of recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas! You want it! We’ve got it! Here’s the initial list of Las Vegas’ dispensaries you can buy recreational cannabis from on July 1! Don’t forget to share with your friends! Remember, Henderson dispensaries aren’t selling recreational cannabis just yet. Only Las Vegas and North Las […]

Question 2 and Nevada Medical Marijuana Patients

By 3 years ago

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. Will the passage of Question 2 make my medical marijuana card invalid? No. There is nothing contained within the language of Question 2 that makes any changes to the current medical marijuana cardholder process.