Khalifa Kush Budder by Tryke

By 2 years ago

The taste of limey pineapple coats your throat and the back of your tongue, as you exhale your dab and savor your aftertaste. My turn. I gotta get back in there.

Blueberry Live Resin Shatter by Moxie

By 2 years ago

MOXIE Blueberry Live Resin Shatter smells like a melted jolly rancher. Pure gold, with clarity once again (expect that from Moxie,) this professional grade shatter will amaze 3 of your senses.

Lil Sebastien Live Resin Crumble by LAB

By 2 years ago

Lil Sebastien Live Resin Crumble moves like soft sand in its clear container, and tastes phenomenal. Exhale is sweet and pure, and the duration of the head change lasted well over a half-hour.

Giddy Up Mammoth Live Resin Krumble

By 3 years ago

GIDDY UP Mammoth Live Resin Krumble  is a batter consistency concentrate that packs a peppery punch.  This Krumble is a soft cookie consistency and breaks apart nicely for use.  Over 15 mg/g of terpinolene will have you sedated, as that particular terpene is known for its relaxing effects.  Take this concentrate to the head right […]