Cannabis Infused Specialties: A Look at Nevada’s Top Edible Companies

By 2 weeks ago

CANNAMERICA Product(s): All of CannAmericas’ Fruit Juice Gummies are 10mgs of THC each in a variety of sour, sour & sweet and sweet flavors. Available flavors include cherry, blue raspberry, peach, strawberry-banana, orange sherbet, and freedom pop. CannAmerica has partnered with FlowerOne to create top-shelf quality products. Their gummies are processed via clear oil distillate […]

Willie’s Reserve Signature Ready Rolls Hit Las Vegas Dispensaries Tomorrow!

By 2 years ago

Award-winning musician, actor, author and longtime marijuana advocate Willie Nelson announces the launch of Willie’s Reserve, a premium cannabis brand, in Las Vegas. A limited number of Willie’s Reserve signature Ready Roll pre-rolled joints will be available starting Saturday, January 28th at the following Las Vegas area medical dispensaries: CannaCopia Inyo Las Vegas Nevada Medical […]

Hemp for Pets

By 3 years ago

Hemp is one variety of the cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana, another variety of the cannabis plant, hemp does not contain any psychoactive properties, meaning it won’t get your dog high. While both hemp and marijuana are technically considered “Cannabis Sativa,” the major difference between the two is that hemp is only considered hemp if it […]

Post-Legalization: UNLV Marijuana Policy Held Hostage in 1980s Reagan Era

By 3 years ago

Season’s greetings Nevada cannabis students, reading this means the winter break is almost over. Although local laws have changed regarding cannabis, campus prohibited substance policies and student codes of conduct from the 1980s remain the same and aren’t schedule to be reviewed, revised, or updated anytime soon. As a reminder of that fact, here is […]