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Dear Mary Jane

By 2 days ago

Dear Mary Jane: According to my old friend Wayne Newton, Halloween is your favorite holiday. Is this true? It seems a little strange to enjoy such a scary holiday, doesn’t it? While I personally favor Arbor Day (trees are cool), I enjoy learning about the habits and beliefs of others, no matter how strange they […]

THC or CBD?  Which One is Best? 

By 2 days ago

By: Christine Watkins  Both THC and CBD are natural compounds, found in a natural plant, that produces a natural chemical, that our own bodies mimic naturally!  When compounds like CBD and THC are introduced into our system, our own endocannabinoid system replicates it and begins producing more healthy cells, all on its own. “The endocannabinoid […]

Steve’s Goods Brings CBG to the Masses

By 2 months ago

By: Jennifer Walker Against the backdrop of a beautiful Western sky, among the mountain peaks and valleys that make up our “Wild, Wild West” live the innovators and engineers who comprise the flourishing CBD industry.  The past few years have proven to be revolutionary in the growth of the industry, which is now not only […]

Magic Man: Las Vegas Native Transforms the Cover Band Model into A Personal Songbook as Jason Walker @ The Majestic 12

By 3 months ago

Las Vegas- the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. We’ve read it, we’ve heard it, and we’ve lived it here for years. From stage shows, aerial acrobatics to tribute acts and cover bands, Las Vegas’ stages are seldom dark, highly touted and rarely…unique. So how does a Las Vegas native and well-respected musician find himself filling […]

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