Montel Williams: America’s Newest Medici

By 2 weeks ago

By: Peter Jay Montel Williams is an example of a modern-day Renaissance man, a throwback to cultural and historical figures who stand out in the annals of history due to their overwhelming levels of excellence in that which they did.  Painter/Scientist/Engineer/Mathematician Leonardo Da Vinci was a Renaissance man, as was Ceiling painter/Sculptor/Architect Michelangelo. Clearly, the […]

Steve’s Goods Brings CBG to the Masses

By 2 weeks ago

By: Jennifer Walker Against the backdrop of a beautiful Western sky, among the mountain peaks and valleys that make up our “Wild, Wild West” live the innovators and engineers who comprise the flourishing CBD industry.  The past few years have proven to be revolutionary in the growth of the industry, which is now not only […]

Meet Janelle Johngrass – The Woman Behind Know Mommy

By 4 months ago

Vegas Cannabis Magazine: Tell us about Know Mommy.  What services do you offer?  Janelle Johngrass: Know Mommy is an organization that offers opportunities for education, community building, and support for women and their families. I work to educate and empower women on their paths to healthy pregnancies and healthy families. Know Mommy offers in-person and […]