Miss Perry and Her Purple Leaf

By 3 months ago

Shanna Perry grew up, like most of us, entrenched in the underground cannabis scene.  As a young adult, purchasing cannabis illegally was the only way to obtain it. And Perry, like most, was no stranger to the culture and lingo required to buy and sell. Fast forward two decades and Perry, with over ten years […]

Shanell aka SNL

By 3 months ago

I waited in anticipation for my interview with Shanell. I couldn’t wait to get in touch with her. I had so many questions like, what was going on with Young Money? Did she love weed as much as I do? I couldn’t wait to get started, but when we finally connected, it felt more like […]

Priscilla Vilchis: Queen of the Desert

By 3 months ago

Often compared to the “Queen of the South”, this Queen is ruling marijuana the legal way. She’s a visionary with a strong personality, a powerful Latina and courageous “Queen’’ of a cannabis empire. It’s no wonder, Priscilla Vilchis, CEO of Premium Produce, is so often compared to Sándra Ávila Beltran, the real-life Mexican drug cartel […]

Getting Mystical with Mistyland

By 5 months ago

Article By: Kristin McDaniel Misty is an award-winning edibles chef and homegrown Nevada native who creates desserts inspired by love. For the past three years Misty has run Mistyland Baked Goods- her own company that provides infused-products consulting and caters cannabis industry events including the monthly meeting of the Las Vegas Chapter of “Women Grow”. […]