Cultivating Nevada: A Look at Our State’s Top Grow Facilities

By 2 months ago

8|Fold Location: Las Vegas, NV Facility: 8|Fold has 13,000 square feet available at their grow with 5,000 square feet reserved for a canopy of flower. There are three flower rooms and they have over 1500 plants at any given time, with over 750 plants in their vegetation room and up to 800 in their clone […]

Not All CBD is Created Equal

By 8 months ago

Kenny Knoll has worked diligently in a multitude of industries.  From television to music videos, Kenny is also an experienced videographer, martial artist and cook.  But nothing compares to the passion he has for educating people about the healing powers of CBD while preparing quality CBD infused oils, drinks, food and topicals.    In 2014, […]

Looking Toward the Future with MJ Holdings Inc.

By 8 months ago

When completing their reverse merger last December, Paris Balaouras and his team knew that they had a lot of hard work and challenges ahead of them. According to Balaouras, “Our initial annual audit proved to be one of those challenges. As a U.S. public company in the cannabis industry, our audit firm conducted a thorough […]

Welcome to the Next Level of Remedy Live Resin Vapes

By 8 months ago

If you don’t know what elevates live resin vape cartridges above the sea of standard cannabis oil vape options, allow Remedy Cultivation to welcome you to the party. Remedy Live Resin Vape Cartridges capture the full effects of the cannabis plant, while keeping the true flavor profile and essence intact. No PG or PRG, Remedy […]

Reef Madness: How Reef Dispensaries Became the Market Leader in Nevada

By 10 months ago

There’s a moment in a recent episode of Leafly’s The Roll-Up podcast where the hosts describe their experiences exploring many of the different pot shops while vacationing in Las Vegas. “We pulled up to Reef, which is far and away the busiest dispensary in Las Vegas,” says host Bruce Barcott. “It was a zoo… It […]