Nature’s Chemistry: Growing for a Better Life

By 2 months ago

Over the past couple of years the cannabis industry has taken Nevada by storm. Throughout this time, there have been many changes in ownerships, mergers and acquisitions. One constant in the industry has been Nature’s Chemistry. Through hard work, diligence and attention to detail, this company has established themselves as one of the top cultivators […]

Willie’s Reserve Signature Ready Rolls Hit Las Vegas Dispensaries Tomorrow!

By 3 years ago

Award-winning musician, actor, author and longtime marijuana advocate Willie Nelson announces the launch of Willie’s Reserve, a premium cannabis brand, in Las Vegas. A limited number of Willie’s Reserve signature Ready Roll pre-rolled joints will be available starting Saturday, January 28th at the following Las Vegas area medical dispensaries: CannaCopia Inyo Las Vegas Nevada Medical […]

Jilly Flower from The Apothecary Shoppe

By 3 years ago

I have a moderately high tolerance and usually prefer an indica dominant hybrid.  Jilly is predominantly sativa, but I would’ve never known the difference. It smelled tangy, and reminded me of Sour Diesel, skunky but very fruity at the same time.  The effects were uplifting and energetic, definitely a day time strain.  I was still […]


By 3 years ago

Exclusive at The Dispensary, you can find the AK. The ammunition packs are loaded with sawed-off trees and squeezed into each magazine with precision.

Super Lemon Haze by HSH

By 3 years ago

From the first whiff, to the last smile, this lemony strain will liven-up your personality and energize your day. I love the way this sativa-dominant hybrid launches you up from the seat of your pants